Honorary Chairman:  Oliver Shokouh - founder of Love Ride, Harley Davidson Glendale


We would like to invite you to become international supporter of central european version of famous Love Ride...


Autism Awareness Ride will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 12.5.2013 - beneficial ride in favour of children with autism from the organization APLA PRAHA, member of AUTISM EUROPE.




12.5.2013            Autism Awareness Ride          -  moto ride for autism awareness  


Entry fee 100,- Kč  which goes directly to APLA Prague is symbolic - every 100 child is born with autism .


Thank you all for your support of ride for those who are less fortunate!


Radek Kriegler Outdoors Riders






The mission of the civil association APLA-Prague (Association in aid of persons with autism) is to provide individuals with autism the kind of support that will enable them to live, work and educate themselves in the common world.


The goals of this association are:

  1. to improve the diagnostics of ASD in the Czech Republic,
  2. to develop communication, cognitive and other abilities of persons with PAS,
  3. to eliminate problematic behaviour,
  4. to develop and support education programs for persons with ASD,
  5. to support families of ASD individuals, in the direction of a functional life,
  6. to widely inform the general public of the problems of ASD,
  7. to expand the knowledge of experts (primarily pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists and pedagogues), in the area of care of persons with ASD,
  8. to provide further social services and consultancy




List of services and activities provided by The Association in aid of people with autism APLA-Prague



Children come to the centre for a specialised examination at the recommendation of a paediatrician, children's psychiatrist, neurologist or pedagogue. Children are also examined at the request of their parents. The goal of the examination is to confirm or disprove the diagnosis of autism and its related disorders (atypical autism, disintegration disorder).
We use highly specialised scales and questionnaires for examination (CARS, ADI-R, ABC etc.). With the help of psychological tests and scales, the mental level of the child is determined (standard and special tests - S-B, Gessel, PEP, APEP etc.).
Another step is to familiarise the parents with the characteristics of the disorder, prognosis. A proposal ensues for effective expert intervention (further examinations, school facilities, methods of approach in the family). The psychologist recommends consultation with other experts in the team.
Approximately after one year following the determined diagnosis, a check-up is performed to evaluate the child's development.


Early treatment:

The centre for early treatment care offers its services to families with children who suffer from autism to six years of age. The centre's main activities include providing evaluation of the abilities and skills of the child and establishing the needs of the child and their entire family. Furthermore, processing an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Support Plan for the family, plus individual work with the child at ALPLA Prague, consultations directly at home, seeking pre-school facilities, communication therapy, the Early Treatment Club, toy, aid and literature rental and help in advocating rights and interests of the family.


Special pedagogical care:

Special pedagogical care for children corresponding with their individual educational plan. It is always preceded by a special pedagogical examination, to which we primarily apply the Psycho-educational profile (PEP, APEP) and the Education-evaluation profile. Based on this, a suitable individual education plan is created for the child, the contents of which are thoroughly discussed with the parents and respective facilities, which the child will be attending.
The goal of the special pedagogical care is to develop all areas of the child's development with a focus on fields, with deficits that are given by the handicap itself (communications, social behaviour, work behaviour, play).
Furthermore, the special pedagogue provides consultancy on the possibilities in education, introduces the parents to the specifics of educating a child with autism and the principles of structured learning, the pedagogue will explain the advantages and disadvantages of education at a common school, in a special school or class, within the scope of integration, they will explain the role of the pedagogue's assistant.
They also make visits to the household, where they suggest how to modify the environment and regime of the household, or solutions to other problems, which the family may be encountering.


Behavioural therapy:

We offer therapy for problematic behaviour (aggression, auto-aggression, stereotypical movement without a purpose, undressing in public, screaming, verbal abuse, obscenities and more).
Depending on the degree of the child's handicap, the therapists either use cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) or they apply behavioural analysis (ABA),
Within the scope of therapy, we offer group role-play of situations on social behaviour. The groups are held 1 x per week for one hour and are intended for persons from 7 years of age and up. With regards to older participants, cognitive therapy is focussed on possible depression or anxiety. . In addition, we offer individual role-play of situations, when the participant practices everyday activities one-on-one with the therapist or pedagogue.


Personal assistance:

Personal assistance (expert trained University students) provide accompaniment to children to and from school, to extra-curricular activities, sports or leisure time activities.


Relax services:

1 - 2x a month we organise relax weekends for parents of children and adults with autism. From 5.00 pm Friday to 5.00 pm Sunday we take over their care. All children and adults with autism may take part in this service without any restrictions in age and the degree of their problematic behaviour.


Summer camp "For parents without parents":

The summer camp is designed for people with autism and problematic behaviour. It runs in two various locations in several terms for the months of July and August.


Visits to family households:

When visiting families, we show them, which parts of their home they can modify, the best way they can organise a daily routine for the child, where they should position the regime, how they can use communication tables or books.
We visit facilities, which the child attends and suggest suitable educational procedures and we explain the specifics of the approach to a child with autism to the personnel.


Supported employment:

Within the scope of the program, the clients gain basic working habits; they learn how to work with a computer and how to apply it to job seeking. They undergo training in the form of role-play of model social behavioural situations on the worksite. Help is provided according to individual needs with regards to seeking a suitable job, such as processing documents, contacts with colleagues and the employer, and even long-term assistance on the worksite if need be.


Welfare consultation:

AN APLA-Prague social worker provides basic information on the legislature of the MPSV (the Ministry of Work, and Social Affairs), on state support, they will help with application forms and will provide contacts to other associations.


Club House:

The Club House offers art therapy and exercise on rehabilitation balls to children with autism and their healthy siblings, and relaxation massages to their parents.


Lecture and supervision activities:

We organise lectures and courses for the expert and general public and also lectures, followed by supervision at institutions of social care and psychiatric treatment centres.



Support letter via email from Oliver Shokouh:


Dear Radek,


As the founder and Chairman of the Love Ride event in the US, I want you to know that I support your desire to help those less fortunate.  I know that you have been attempting to put on an event in the Czech Republic for this reason and I applaud your efforts.


Autism is a good charity to help. More and more children are being diagnosed with Autism, and no one seems to be sure why! Five years ago, one out of every 165 child born in the US was being diagnosed as autistic. Now the rate is an alarming one in every 110 child born.


I think we need to support all the research work being done to find out the cause and reverse this trend. But, even more important than money, it is the public awareness that motorcycle events such as the one you are proposing will bring to this problem.


I wish you all the best for a great success in your endeavors.




Oliver Shokouh

Owner: Harley-Davidson of Glendale, California

Founder and Chairman: Love Ride Foundation




Annual report Outdoors Riders 2011


Dear friends,

Non profit organization Outdoors Riders entered this year the 4th year of our work in favour of handicapped people. We presented our new mission at the Motorcycle and Motosalon Exhibitions 2012. Since autumn 2011 our new mission is:  Outdoors Riders is civic society of bikers and their supporters, which helps kids with autism by organizing charity event. Ride for Autism based on tradition of Love Ride of Olivera Shokouh.

And how did we ended at volunteer work for kids with autism?  By very long detour – across 5 continents with the handicapped passengers in the saddle of sidecars. Our original intention back in 2007 was to transform the popularity of Sidecar Ride 2008 in establishing charity ride inspired by Oliver Shokouhs, owner of dealership Harley Davidson in Los Angeles, USA and founder and chairman of Love Ride Foundation. Timing was not in favour of establishing this ride so we decided to help handicapped people to experience by themself how it is to travel in motorcycle sidecar by 5 year project to 5 continents. In the meantime we gave rides to handicapped people locally,  we organized exhibitions about our travelling and we generally were getting message across motorcycle riders that to help those who are less fortunate is a good path to go.

The fruits of our work were visible immediatelly after our first ride – many motorcycle riders became friends with handicapped pople thanks to our influence. During the years we gave ride to handicapped people to the 16 countries, 4 continents, up to the passes 5600 m.ab.s.l. high and the deepest canyons on the earth.

In the 2012 we organized our first charity ride. After agreement with Oliver Shokouh, mission of non profit organization will be to organize every year one day charity event –  Ride for Autism Awareness in favour of kids with autism. APLA Praha member of Autism Europe  is in Czech Republic similar organization such as Autism Speaks in USA.


We will continue this year with support of motorcycle handicapped traveller project – last expedition from 5 year cycle to all continents will be organized in North America.

By the change of our mission the support of handicapped travellers was not ended – on the contrary there is offer from many firms and non profit organizations which specializes in all kinds of travelling for handicapped people and users have much bigger variety of choices those years.

Even I support personally travelling handicapped in my moto travel agency, the non profit organization Outdoors Riders has intention to bring to the non profit volunteer work much more motorcycle riders and organize it by way so it would be pleasure for us to do it.

That was the reason why we choosed the one day event – charity ride with the personal presence of Olivera Shokouh, Founder of Love Ride, spiced by concert of rock band and enjoying  motorcycle meeting at Prague 12.5.2013 is a work for those who are less fortunate which all bikers can enjoy pretty much. Symbolic ticket fee 100 CZK points at the the fact that every 100 child is born with autism.

I will look forward to meet you at our charity event. -  and should you have any idea how we can promote  autism, I will be happy if you will share with me your thoughts.

I would like to thank to all partners, bikers and media for support of our work in favour of kids with autism.

Best regards

Radek Kriegler

Chairman Outdoors Riders

Founder and chairman Ride for Autism Awareness


In Prague  15.3.2012




1st Ride for Autism Awareness  of Outdoors Riders  2012 -  press conference

Prague September 12th, 2012


Strong machines, solid rock music and everything for the good cause! Motorcycle riders on shiny Harley Davidson motorcycles and all other brands as well arrived to Strahov to support kids with autism.
On Sunday September 9th, just slightly before lunch the strong engines of beautiful motorcycles had been fired and started to move on Rally which was lead by Oliver Shokouh, the founder of american Love Ride Foundation and Radek Kriegler, founder of Outdoors Riders - motorcyclists in Czech Republic who help those less fortunate. Kids with autism and handicapped people on the wheelchairs had participated as passengers as well as leaders of the rally.
Dream of many boys is to have a ride on Harley Davidson motorcycle and this dream came true for example to Danik Kozeluh, who has Asperger Syndrome. "We arrived here from Pilsen, Danik could not wait to have a ride, it is for him a great day " disclosed his mother. Some kids with autism did not have enough courage to sit on the motorcycle and to be a part of rally as passengers, but they were also interested in rally and admired those who were part of it.
The purpose of the charity ride was to bring attention of public to the fact that every 110 child is born with autism.
"Kids in the school are cruel to me because I am different" said  Danik on stage by shaked voice, when he wanted to talk about autism.
"If people would know more about autism, they would understand, that person with this diagnosis has different thinking, different social habits and for those reasons it is important to treat them differently. Every event which will help to publicize autism is for our organization a big help" stated Simona Votyova, PR manager of APLA PRAGUE Member of Autism Europe.
I hope, that this event will become tradition, which will be well recognized in public awareness in the whole Czech Republic. Ride on the motorcycle is for me a symbolic, it is symbol of freedom and that is also what we try to achieve in our day to day work -  independence and freedom of people with autism" stated Magdalena Čáslavská, director of APLA.
Oliver Shokouh,  founder of famous Love Ride Foundation in Glendale Los Angeles  shared his impressions from the event: "I am glad I could help out Radek by my personal presence at this event. I know him since 2007 and I am aware of the fact that he established this ride on Love Ride concept and it was his dream since 2007. I am glad that his efforts resulted in establishing charity ride for those less fortunate in Prague and that this charity ride will countinously grow with the help of all bikers."
Program of the charity event was spiced by rock bands, rides in Caterham of Dream Cars and auction of the painting of Marilyn Monroe which was created during the day by young artist from Johan ART. Hard Rock Cafe Prague donated outcome of Afterparty event.

The outcome of event in the amount of 43 826,- czk (2 300 USD) was donated to APLA Prague (Autism Speaks in Czech Republic) member of Autism Europe for programs of early care.

Photogalerry here.


About Outdoors Riders organization:


Outdoors Riders is non profit organization of motorcycle riders and their supporters, which follows the tradition of Love Ride USA established by Mr. Oliver Shokouh, and by charity ride and  fundraising helps those less fortunate. In the 2008 - 2012 there was 5 year moto traveller cycle organized by Outdoors Riders for people on the wheelchairs to all continents. .




Statement from APLA Praha director:


The Chairman of APLA Prague member of Autism Europe Mrs. Magda Caslavska has confirmed the outcome of charity ride in the amount of 43 826,- czk.



Our most important current project which we have lack of funds right now, is new center for kids with autism in Prague 8. We would like to open it in spring and it should have such facilities as playground for kids, therapy care e.t.c. more info here:                                                   


Second project where we are in desperate need of funds is early treatment such as visits of therapeuts in families, social care, educational courses e.t.c.

We will use the funds from charity ride with the care and we will let you know how they were spent.thanks to all.


M. Caslavska



Ing. Magdalena Čáslavská

výkonná ředitelka Asociace pomáhající lidem s autismem

APLA Praha, střední Čechy, o.s.

V Holešovičkách 1a,
182 00   Praha 8

Tel.: 605 246 139